For those looking to learn tattooing, we also give tattoo training within our studio at


We offer 3 month advance professional Tattooing course with certification which includes building the students fine art skills with a variety of mediums as well as practicing with the tattoo machine on artificial skin

In training Curriculum:

  • Art technique (Design, Drawing, Flash )
  • Aseptic Technique, Sterilization. Operational After Care
  • Machine Construction &Adjustment
  • Shading Technique
  • Color Technique
  • Practical Lab
  • Color Mixing Theory
  • Practical Lab
  • History and Traditions
We also offer a 1.5 month Basic Tattooing course (with certificate) which is designed for people who wants to learn Tattooing as a Hobby, if they want to extend the course for the Advanced Certification.

Tattoo designers in Hyderabad are having a field day as tattoos have become the accepted fashion statement with youngsters who love to go funky. Yes, with tattoos one can express oneself in a better and creative funky manner.

With fashion statements going crazier n crazier tattooing has become the trendiest of them all. The art of tattooing gives one a wider choice to make trendy fashion statements. With lots of fantastic designs and wonderful choices to make in tattoos, the youngsters love to make funky beautiful fashion statements via art of tattooing. This craze for tattoos has given rise to the tattoo training institutes to come up all over the world, especially in Hyderabad. But of all these, tattoo making classes one institute exclusively stand apart... that is Buddha Tattoos.

Besides providing tattoo services to our clientele, we also provide comprehensive training in tattoo designs and piercing. We churn out tattoo artists of high caliber creativity. Apart from creativity, we impart training in a very scientific manner making them understand the texture of the skin, the body tones and tonal effects and the impact of tattoos on the body. Our tattoo classes are integrated with aesthetics, creativity, the modern techniques and the scientific aspects.

Visit Buddha Tattoos for comprehensive training in tattoo designing in a creatively scientific manner. We also make magnificent tattoo designs on your gentle body that gives your skin a youthful grandiose making your feel fresh and exuberant. For more info call us for an appointment on Phone No. +91 – 9010054845.